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2-Cys-Peroxiredoxin Activity Assay Kit

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Peroxiredoxins (Prx) are a family of peroxidase proteins that reduce peroxides in the cells. In addition to reduction of peroxides these proteins are also implicated in many cellular functions such as differentiation, proliferation, and apoptosis. There are six different members of the mammalian peroxiredoxin family which are grouped as 2-Cys or 1-Cys peroxiredoxins. Peroxiredoxin isoenzymes I-V depend on reduced Thioredoxin for their reducing action. These are known as 2-Cys peroxiredoxins. Prx I is known to be involved in tumor suppression as an inhibitor of tyrosine kinase, and has been shown to be overexpressed in lung cancer. The overexpression of Prx I, II, V and VI has been shown to be increased in breast cancer. The levels of Prx I and Prx II has been shown to be significantly increased in Alzheimer’s disease. Recent studies have shown that mammalian peroxiredoxins are inactivated by oxidation of active site cysteine residues. In addition, recent studies have indicated that this oxidation process is reversible. Therefore, determination of activity of Prx is crucial in attributing biological function of Prx in conditions of oxidative stress in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and in other diseases.


Mammalian 2-Cys peroxiredoxins are cellular peroxidases that reduce peroxides in the presence of Thioredoxin. Thioredoxin is oxidized in the process and is regenerated by Thioredoxin reductase that utilizes reducing equivalents from NADPH. In our assay method E.coli Trx and mammlain Thioredoxin reductase (TrxR) are used to provide reducing power to 2-Cys-Peroxiredoxins for reduction of peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide. The utilization of NADPH for the reduction of peroxides is monitored as the decrease in absorbance of NADPH at 340 nm. Specific activity is the amount of NADPH oxidized per minute per milligram of protein. A reaction blank is utilized in the absence of Thioredoxin to determine the non-specific decrease in the level of NADPH by mammlian TrxR.


2-Cys-Peroxiredoxin Activity Assay kit includes:

1. Assay Buffer
2. E. Coli Trx
3. TR
4. ß-NADPH
5. Substrate Solution

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Required Equipment1. Spectrophotometer (DU-640, DU-800, Shimadzu UV 1601) or any other spectrophotometer equipped to perform enzyme kinetics with UV/VIS range.
2. Quartz micro cuvettes capable of reading 50-300 µl volume in a 1-cm light path. Make sure that you use the right kind of micro-quartz cuvette for a specific spectrophotometer as they are different.
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