qbase+ licences for academic users

qbase+ licences for academic users


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Primerdesign is delighted to have been chosen by Biogazelle to partner them in marketing their World famous qPCR analysis software qbase+ in the UK. The software is recognised as the most powerful and user-friendly product in the marketplace. The software will completely automate analysis of your qPCR data whilst being flexible enough to produce the graphs and statistics that you need to tell your story of choice with your data.


The World's best real-time PCR analysis software


• Easy to use
• Time saving
• Flexible
• Complete automation of statistics and graphing

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Unit Size1 Kit
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Safety StatementsResearch Use Only
Sample AvailabilityNo

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Estimated Ship Time: 3 Business Days

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Hazardous Material: No


Storage Temperature: See Datasheet

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