genesig EASY q16 Validation Kit

genesig EASY q16 Validation Kit


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Product Overview:

This kit is a validation kit for use on the q16 instrument. The core components of this kit
are identical to those in the standard genesigEASY kit range.

The kit includes samples that are carefully designed to confirm that the thermal profile
and optical capability of your q16 instrument is performing optimally. Simply use these samples as if they were “real-world” samples.

The validation is split into 2 tests. The first confirms that the software element of the q16
is performing correctly. The second test confirms that the machine optics are performing


• Two-tier test to ensure your q16 is performing optimally.
• Confirms that the software and machine optics of the q16 are performing correctly.

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Kit ContentsKit Contents

• Validation primer/probe mix (BROWN)
• Lyophilised oasig Mastermix
• Lyophilised oasig Mastermix resuspension buffer (BLUE lid)
• 4 Validation samples (PURPLE lid) • RNAse/DNAse free water (WHITE lid)
• 50 x genesig q16 reaction tubes
Unit Size1 Kit
Country of OriginUnited Kingdom
Safety StatementsResearch Use Only
Sample AvailabilityNo

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Estimated Ship Time: 3 Business Days

Shipped In: Ambient

Hazardous Material: No


Storage Temperature: See Datasheet

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