femtoLUCENT™ PLUS HRP with HRP-goat...

femtoLUCENT™ PLUS HRP with HRP-goat a-rat antibody

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femtoLUCENT System with Goat anti Rat; IgG-HRP. Ultra Sensitive Chemiluminescent Immunodetection system using horseradish peroxidase. Detect as low as 10 femtograms on dot blot or 10 picograms on Western Blots. Kit for 5,000 centimeters squared of membrane with Goat anti-rat secondary antibody.


Immunodetection of proteins and antigens on Western blots and dot blot applications.


Economical: Greater value compared to similar products. Intense light emission with low background : high signal ratio. Low femtogram detection (10-15), allows detection of >10fg protein on a dot blot and >1pg on a Western blot. Supplied with a novel blocking agent which allows a rapid blocking step and produces a clear background. Suitable for nitrocellulose & PVDF membranes.

Catalog#: 786-10-R40
LID#: 4082B
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ConjugationHorseradish peroxidase
Unit SizeFor 1,500cm2 /pk
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes

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Storage Temperature: 4C

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