XIT™ Genomic DNA from Cells

XIT™ Genomic DNA from Cells

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The XIT™ Genomic DNA fromCells kit is designed for the isolation of genomic DNA from cultured cells. The kit uses rapid & efficient nuclear lysis and complete protein precipitation, followed by DNA precipitation. This yields high quality genomic DNA. Twosizes of kit are available for processing a total of 5x107 or 5x108 cells. The purified DNA has a A260/A280 ratio between 1.7 and 1.9 and is up to 200kb in size. The yield is approximately 5-10µg/1-2x106 cells.


Isolate high quality genomic DNA Suitable for adherent or suspension cultured cells Yield 5-10µg/1-2x106 cells Suitable for archive quality DNA.

Catalog#: 786-303
LID#: 4312D
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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionFor the isolation of genomic DNA from cultured cells.
Unit SizeFor 5x107 Cells
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymXIT Genomic DNA from Cultured Cells, XIT, Cells, genomic DNA

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Estimated Ship Time: 2 Business Days

Shipped In: Ambient

Hazardous Material: No


Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: 4C

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