UPPA-PROTEIN-Concentrate™ (Medi)

UPPA-PROTEIN-Concentrate™ (Medi)

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The UPPA-PROTEIN Concentrate™ kit uses our proprietary reagent UPPA™ (Universal Protein Precipitation Agent) to quantitatively concentrate dilute protein samples as low as 1ng/ml into a small volume. Protein precipitation and concentration are not affected by the presence of detergents, chaotropics, or other common laboratory agents. After precipitation, the precipitate is washed to remove salts and other interfering agentscomplete recovery of sample is produced. The resulting protein samples have a conductivity of about 50µS and protein recovery is generally 100%. The UPPA-PROTEIN Concentrate™ kit is available in two sizes: a Micro Kit for concentrating up to 10ml of dilute protein solutions and a Medi Kit for concentrating up to 30ml of dilute protein solutions, either as a single or multiple procedures.


Concentrate dilute protein samples Suitable for gel electrophoresis, raising antibodies, protein purification, protein assays & more


Concentrate as dilute as 1ng/ml Removes non-protein agents Low conductivity: ~50µS 100% Sample Recovery

Catalog#: 786-121
LID#: 4099P
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Warehouse Storage TempRT
DescriptionRapid Precipitation & Concentration of Dilute Proteins
Unit SizeFor 30ml Sample
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymUPPA-PROTEIN-Concentrate, precipitaiton, concentration, protein concentration

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: RT

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