Tube-O-DIALYZER™, Micro 50K MWCO

Tube-O-DIALYZER™, Micro 50K MWCO

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Dialysis is a popular technique used for the exchange of buffer medium across semi-permeable membranes. Dialysis devices are available in many configurations for research applications. We offer innovative dialysis devices and accessories for processing small samples. Small sample dialysis has become a routine technique in life science research. Today's major concern with dialysis devices is the loss of precious samples, due to leaking or precipitation of samples during dialysis. One common cause of sample loss is the accidental piercing of the fragile dialysis membrane with a sharp object, such as a needle. A second concern is the efficiency and rate of the dialysis. G-Biosciences manufactures a unique dialysis device that allows efficient dialysis and ensures 100% sample recovery, even if precipitation occurs. The Tube-O-DIALYZER™ mini dialysis system is designed for small sample volumes of 20µl to 2.5ml. The unique, patented tube design of Tube-O-DIALYZER™ permits easy sample handling and manipulation, without the use of specialized loading devices, costly syringes or hazardous needles. This specialized tube format also allows for easy sample loading, as simple as transferring your sample to a microcentrifuge tube. For sample recovery, simply pipette your sample into the Tube-O-DIALYZER™ and seal with the dialysis cap. Dialyze, then centrifuge for five seconds to collect 100% of your sample. For storage of the dialyzed sample, replace the dialysis cap with the supplied storage cap. The Tube-O-DIALYZER™ tube comes in two ideal sizes; the Micro unit allows efficient dialysis of 20-250µl samples and the Medi unit is optimized for samples between 0.2-2.5ml. Both sizes are available with membranes with molecular weight cutoffs (MWCO) of 1k, 4k, 8k, 15k, and 50k Daltons. Tube-O-DIALYZER™ comes in packs of 20, each supplied with 6 appropriately sized floats and storage caps to allow storage of dialyzed samples. For added convenience, Tube-O-DIALYZER™ is also available as a mixed kit containing 10 Micro and 10 Medi units. A graph representing the fast and highly efficient dialysis rate of the micro Tube-O-DIALYZER™ is shown in Figure 2. 100µl 5M NaCl was dialyzed against one liter deionized water. Samples were taken at specific times, diluted in deionized water and the conductivity was measured. The graph demonstrates the fast efficiency of Tube-O-DIALYZER™, with 50% NaCl removed within 10 minutes.


Dialysis of small sample volumes Equilibrium dialysis for buffer exchange Dialysis for single use applications, such as infectious and radioactive samples Concentration of samples when used with our Concentrator Powder (Cat. No. 786-144) For more information on preparing protein samples, view our Sample Preparation Handbook: a handbook and selection guide for lysis buffers and systems, protein fractionation kits, dialysis systems, electrophoresis clean-up and concentration systems, and contamination removal kits.


Micro for 20-250µl samples, Medi for 0.2-2.5ml samples 100% sample recovery every time, even if sample precipitates No use of specialized loading devices, costly syringes or hazardous needles Storage caps provided for convenient storage of dialyzed samples

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DescriptionEfficient Dialysis with 100% Sample Recovery
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Synonymdialysis, dialysis unit, dialysate, dialysis equipment, dialyzer, microdialysis, contamination removal, sample recovery, buffer exchange, sample processing, Tube-O-DIALYZER

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