Swift™ Western Blotting System

Swift™ Western Blotting System

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The Swift™ Western Blotting System is a unique system that reduces the blocking and antibody incubations on Western blot membranes from >4 hours to <60 minutes. Using a combination of proprietary wash and diluent buffers and our highly sensitive femtoLUCENT™ chemiluminescence detection reagent the Swift™ Western Blotting System generates comparable result to traditional Western blotting procedures and other commercial "fast " Western blotting kits. An added advantage is that Swift™ Western Blotting System is designed to be used with any combination of primary and secondary antibodies, unlike other commercial kits that limit researcher's to rabbit or mouse primary antibodies. Swift™ Western Blotting System is compatible with wet and semi-dry transfer systems and with all automated transfer systems on the market. The system is suitable for 8 blots (8 x 10cm); the sample size is suitable for 2 blots.


Rapidly develop blots in <60 minutes compared to > four hours for standard blotting protocols


Sensitive: Femotgram level sensitivity Fast: Reduce blot development to <60 mins Versatile: Compatible with all combnations of primary and secondary antibodies For all wet, semi-dry and automated blotting systems

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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionFor the rapid detection of proteins in less than one hour.
Unit Size8 blots
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
Synonym1 hour blot, Western blotting system, one hour western

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