SpinOUT™ GT-1200, 3ml

SpinOUT™ GT-1200, 3ml

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The SpinOUT™ GT-600 and GT-1200 columns are versatile, spin-format columns for the desalting and buffer exchange of protein and nucleic acid solutions ranging from 5µl to 4ml sample volumes. The SpinOUT™ columns are available in two MWCO sizes for >6,000 or >30,000 Dalton proteins and are suitable for samples containing as little as 20µg protein/ml. The SpinOUT™ columns are easy to use; simply apply the protein sample and centrifuge to recover proteins and nucleic acids with the column retaining more than 95% of the salts and small molecules (<1,000Da for GT-600 and <1,500Da for GT-1200). Spin-OUT™ GT-600 is for the purification of proteins >6kDa and nucleic acids larger than 10bp. Spin-OUT™ GT-1200 is for the purification of proteins >30kDa and removal of molecules >1,500Da. The columns are ideal for separating proteins from peptides. Five sizes are available for each MWCO and are highlighted below: Cat. # Description # Supplied Resin Bed Volume (ml) Sample Load Volume (ml) 786-703 SpinOUT™ GT-600, 0.1ml 25 0.1 0.005-0.02 786-170 SpinOUT™GT-600, 1ml 10 1 0.05-0.1 786-171 SpinOUT™GT-600, 3ml 10 3 0.1-0.5 786-704 SpinOUT™GT-600, 5ml 5 5 0.5-2 786-705 SpinOUT™GT-600, 10ml 5 10 0.5-4 786-706 SpinOUT™GT-1200, 0.1ml 25 0.1 0.005-0.02 786-172 SpinOUT™GT-1200, 1ml 10 1 0.05-0.1 786-173 SpinOUT™GT-1200, 3ml 10 3 0.1-0.5 786-707 SpinOUT™GT-1200, 5ml 5 5 0.5-2 786-708 SpinOUT™GT-1200, 10ml 5 10 0.5-4 For the desalting and clean up of PCR reactions, click here.


Protein purification and contamination removal from samples For the desalting and buffer exchange of protein and nucleic acid solutions Separate proteins from peptides


Offered in 2 MWCO sizes: >6kDa and >30kDa proteins Available in 5 sizes for sample volumes of 5µl to 4ml Easy-to-use, spin-format columns for rapid purification

Catalog#: 786-173
LID#: 4168P
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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionContamination Removal from Protein and Nucleic Acid Samples
Unit Size10 Columns
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
Synonymsample clean up, sample preparation, desalting, desalting column, protein purification, SpinOUT Columns, chromatography column, buffer exchange

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: 4C

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