STRATEGY™ for Protein Purification

STRATEGY™ for Protein Purification

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Protein Purification STRATEGY™ consists of numerous fractionation and chromatography techniques to aid researchers to develop a suitable purification system for specific and novel proteins. A major issue in purifying a novel protein is that the characteristics of the protein to be purified are often unknown. Purification techniques, such as ion exchange and hydrophobic chromatography, rely on the knowledge that the protein of interest is charged or hydrophobic. A second issue is that protein purification rarely utilizes a single purification technique. When a researcher begins developing a purification strategy they often have to buy large volumes of resins and buffers to test that may be ineffective in purification, resulting in a waste of money and time. Protein Purification STRATEGY™ is designed to allow researchers to rapidly screen a number of purification techniques in a small scale format to identify the best system to isolate their protein of interest. The self contained kit allows researchers to save time and money as separate buffers, resins and columns are not needed. Protein Purification STRATEGY™ is supplied with all of the necessary reagents needed to clean up samples prior to analysis. No expensive equipment is needed. After optimizing the purification strategy, the agents and supplies used in the kit may be ordered separately. The kit guides the researcher step-by-step through various protein purification techniques, which include: pH Fractionation Salt Fractionation Hydrophobic Chromatography Anionic Chromatography Cationic Chromatography


Optimization of protein purification strategies

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DescriptionOptimization of protein purification strategies
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SynonymSTRATEGY, protein purification, pH fractionation, salt fractionation, hydrophobic chromatography, anionic chromatography, cationic chromatography

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