SPN™ Protein Assay

SPN™ Protein Assay

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A novel protein assay that is suitable for single sample or high throughput protein estimation. The SPN™ and SPN™-htp protein assays are rapid assays that are suitable for as little as 0.5µg protein and are resistant to interference from common laboratory agents. The assays are excellent for the rapid determination of protein samples in Laemmli or other SDS-PAGE loading buffers. These protein assays are based on the quantitative capture of protein on to a proprietary matrix. The bound protein is treated with a protein specific dye that associates proportionally with the protein. The protein bound dye is eluted and measured to determine the protein concentration. For increased efficiency, each assay is supplied with its own reference data for rapid calculation of the protein concentration without a need for a set of protein standards. (Patents pending). SPN™ Protein Assay A fast and efficient spin column assay. Add the protein sample to the SPN™ spin columns and wash to remove non-protein agents, including detergents and chaotropes. Next, add the protein dye and spin to remove free dye. After a second brief wash, elute the protein bound dye with the supplied elution buffer and measure the optical density of the dye. The concentration of protein is determined by comparing the optical density data to the supplied reference data. No protein standards are required. Protein concentration can be determined in less than 10 minutes. SPN™-htp Protein Assay The SPN™-htp protein assay, based on our SPN™ method, has been modified for use in high throughput protein concentration determination. The SPN™-htp protein assay format is suitable for semi-automatic assays that utilize a vacuum manifold or as a fully automated robotic plate format in an online configuration. The SPN™-htp protein assay is also fully compatible with 96-well centrifuge adaptors. The assay can be performed with or without a set of known protein standards and shows a linear response between 0.5-10µg protein.


Rapid protein estimation. Measure protein concentration in gel loading buffer.


Linear response between 0.5µg and 10µg. Manual, Semi-automatic or fully automated compatible. Unaffected by non-protein chemicals and agents. Rapid assay; protein standards not required. Small sample requirement. No toxic agents used, laboratory & environment safe.

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DescriptionA novel, ultra sensitive, spin format protein assay Single Samples or High Throughput Screening
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Synonymprotein assay, protein quantification assay, protein estimation assay, high throughput assay, SPN Protein Assays, SPN, SPNhtp, SPN-htp, 96 well

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