Reversible Copper Stain™

Reversible Copper Stain™

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The Reversible Copper Stain™ is a single step stain for rapid detection of proteins resolved on SDS-PAGE. No destaining is necessary. The stain is based on the interaction of copper ions with polyacrylamide and proteins. The stain works by depositing a copper metal precipitate in the gel, resulting in an opaque blue/green gel, while the SDS coating on the proteins inhibits copper ions from binding to the proteins. A negative image of the gel is produced; consisting of clear protein bands visualized against a semi-opaque blue/green polyacrylamide background. Protein bands are visualized in as little as 5 minutes. The sensitivity of the Reversible Copper Stain™ is 0.1-0.5ng BSA protein. Staining does not interfere with the electroelution of proteins or alter their biological properties. Gels stained with the Reversible Copper Stain™ can be destained in 20-25 minutes before the transfer or electroelution of proteins. Not suitable for native gels or gels containing Tricine or Glycine. The kit contains ready to use reagents for 25 mini gels and is supplied with a destainer. A larger size of the destain for the Reversible Copper Stain™ is offered for your convenience.


Suitable for staining of protein gels prior to transfer or electroelution of proteins


Stains gels within 5 minutes Reversible, simple and fast stain Allows subsequent elution, blotting, or other types of staining

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SynonymReversible Copper Stain, protein stain

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