Proteinase K, Lyophilized

Proteinase K, Lyophilized

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Proteinase K (also protease K, endopeptidase K, peptidase K or Tritirachium alkaline phosphatase) (EC is a non-specifc, broad spectrum serine protease that is isolated from the saprophytic fungus Tritirachium album. Proteinase K is routinely used for the purification of target material from contaminating proteins, for the isolation of RNA and DNA and to inactivate other protein enzymatic activities. Proteinase K exhibits high activity in the presence of SDS, urea and EDTA. This allows the use of EDTA in the purification of DNA or RNA to inhibit clacium dependent nucleases. Proteinase K, Lyophilized The dry, lyophilized powder is highly soluble (>50mg/ml); however, stock solutions are normally 20mg/ml. The proteinase K is completely RNase and DNase free and has a specific activity of >30 units/mg at 37°C. The recommended storage buffer is 20mM Tris-HCl (pH7.4), 1mM CaCl2, 50% glycerol. Proteinase K is stable for 1 year in this storage buffer, recommended storage is -20°C. LongLife™ Proteinase K LongLife™ Proteinase K is an optimized, 5mg/ml solution that is free from all nuclease contamination. The specific activity is >30 units/mg at 37°C. The buffering conditions used ensure that the enzyme retains its full activity and offers convenience to the researchers. LongLife™ Proteinase K is stable for a year if stored correctly. All of our LongLife™ enzyme preparations have a long shelf life and no weighing or buffer preparation is needed; simply take an aliquot and add to your sample. LongLife™ enzyme preparations contain cofactors necessary for optimal enzymatic activity. Supplied in suspension form and when stored properly have a one year shelf life. All LongLife™ EnzymesAvailable: LongLife™ Zymolyase ®for digestion of yeast & fungal cell walls LongLife™ Lysozymefor digestion of bacterial cell walls LongLife™ Proteinase Kfor digestion of proteins in nucleic acid preparations LongLife™ Nucleasefor removal of nucleic acids LongLife™ RNasefor digestion of RNA LongLife™ DNasefor digestion of DNA LongLife™ PE LB Lysozymefor digestion of bacterial cell walls & reduction of viscosity build-up due to presence of nucleases (fully compatible with ourPE LB™Systems)


Suggested Application Buffer Activity Reference Sample 20mM Tris-HCl (pH8.0) 100% Bacterial Genomic DNA Isolation 10mM Tris-HCl, 1mM EDTA, 0.5% SDS (pH8.0) 108% Mammalian Genomic DNA Isolation from Tissue 10mM Tris-HCl,25mM EDTA,100mM NaCl, 1% SDS (pH8.0) 171% Plant Genomic DNA Isolation from Tissue 100mM Tris-HCl, 100mM EDTA, 250mM NaCl, 1% Sarkosyl (pH8.0) 118% Inactivation of Calf Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase 10mM Tris-HCl,5mM EDTA,50mM NaCl, 1mM DTT, 0.5% SDS (pH7.9) 104% Denaturation of Proteins 50mM Tris-HCl, 1mM CaCl2, 3mM DTT, 2M Urea (pH8.0) 66% PCR Buffer 10mM Tris-HCl, 1.5mM MgCl2, 0.1% Triton ® X-100 (pH8.8) 158%


Broad spectrum serine protease Highly Soluble: >50mg/mL DNase and RNase free Specific Activity: >30units/mg at 37°C Inhibited by PMSF or DFP

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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionA high activity, non-specific serine protease for the isolation of RNA and DNA
Unit Size5 x 100mg
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymProteinase K, protease K, endopeptidase K, peptidase K, Tritirachium alkaline phosphatase, EC

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: 4C

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