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A water soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable protein reductant. Protein-S-S-Reductant™ uses TCEP (Tris [2-carboxyethyl] phosphine), a popular alternative to ß-mercaptoethanol and DTT (dithiothreitol). TCEP improves stability, increases effectiveness, and reduces proteins over a wider range of pH, including lower acidic pH's, compared to other reductants. Protein-S-S-Reductant™ completely reduces stable disulfide bonds in less than 5 minutes at room temperature and is compatible with the protein alkylation reactions. Protein-S-S-Reductant™ is a ready-to-use solution that is at neutral pH and stabilized for long-term storage (1 year). Simply supplement Protein-S-S-Reductant™ in place of DTT or ß-mercaptoethanol and boil the sample, before loading your gels.


Reduction of protein disulfide bonds. Reduction step for protein electrophoresis and other applications.


Ready-to-use solution, odorless, stable and non-toxic. Neutral protein reduction solution. Compatible with the alkylation reaction. Works over a wide range of pH, including lower acidic pH's.

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DescriptionA water soluble, odorless, non-toxic and stable protein reductant.
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SynonymProtein-S-S-Reductant, protein reducing agent, TCEP, Protein S S Reductant, SS Reductant, proteinSSreductant

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