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The Phosphatase Assay kit is designed to measure the activity of phosphatases in biological samples and to screen for agonists and inhibitors of phosphatases. The Phosphatase Assay kit uses para-nitrophenyl phosphate (pNPP), a chromogenic substrate for most phosphatases, including alkaline phosphatases, acid phosphatases, protein tyrosine phosphatases and serine/threonine phosphatases (Figure). The phosphatases remove the phosphate group to generate p-nitrophenol, which is deprotonated under alkaline conditions to produce p-nitrophenolate that has strong absorption at 405nm. The kits components are sufficient for performing up to 1000 assays in 96-well plate format and easily adaptable to cuvettes or 384-well plates.


For the quantification of phosphatase activity. To screen for agonists and inhibitors of phosphatases.


A colorimetric, pNPP based assay. Measure phosphatase activity in biological samples. Screen for phosphatase agonists and inhibitors.

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DescriptionA pNPP based assay for simple phosphatase estimation
Unit Size1,000 Assays
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
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SynonymPhosphatase Assay

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