PVDF Membrane (7.5 x 8.5cm)

PVDF Membrane (7.5 x 8.5cm)

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Our PVDF (polyvinylidene) membranes are pre-cut membranes for Western transfers, or Western blotting. The PVDF membranes bind biomolecules, including proteins, through hydrophobic interactions The presence of the 0.45µm pore sizes increases the surface binding area. Typical thickness147µm (5.8 mils)


Direct staining (i.e. Swift™ Membrane Stain) Chemiluminescent Detection (i.e. femtoLUCENT™ PLUS) Chromogenic Detection (i.e. femtoCHROMO™-HRP or femtoCHROMO-AP)


0.45µm pore sizes 147µm (5.8 mils) typical thickness Higher protein detection due to strong protein adsorption and retention Longer shelf life. PVDF membrane will not crack or curl like nitrocellulose

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Warehouse Storage TempRT
DescriptionPolyvinylidene membranes for Western blotting
Unit Size20
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymPVDF Membrane, polyvinylidene, western blotting, western transfer

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

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