OneQuant™ ProteaseArrest™ [100X]

OneQuant™ ProteaseArrest™ [100X]

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ProteaseArrest™ is a general protease inhibitor cocktail solution that is provided as a 100X concentrated, ready-to-use solution. The ProteaseArrest™ 100X solution format is suitable for small, analytical sample applications, as >95% inhibition is achieved by adding 10µl ProteaseArrest™ per ml sample. For samples with higher than normal protease levels, the volume of ProteaseArrest™ added can be increased for greater inhibition levels. Protease levels can easily be assayed with our Protease Assays. The cocktail contains reversible and irreversible inhibitors of serine, cysteine, calpain and metallo- proteases. An optional EDTA solution is provided for enhanced metalloprotease inhibition. It is not present in the actual ProteaseArrest™ cocktail as it would inhibit the activity of proteins that require divalent cations (Ca²+, Mg²+ or Mn²+) for their biological activity. In addition, EDTA will inhibit the purification of proteins using immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC). Due to the optimized concentration of the various inhibitors, ProteaseArrest™ shows excellent inhibition of protease activities and is therefore suitable for the protection of proteins during preparation of samples and protein purification from animal tissues, plants, yeast and bacteria. ProteaseArrest™ is also available as single use aliquots that are suitable for >95% protease inhibition in 10ml solutions. These OneQuant™ ProteaseArrest™ are provided for additional protease inhibitor cocktail convenience. ProteaseArrest™ is also offered as a dry format, as ProteCEASE™, for those who prefer reconstitution prior to use. ProteaseArrest™ Outperforms Tablet Cocktails The ProteaseArrest™ format allows delivery of optimized concentrations of protease inhibitor, for example 2X or higher concentrations can be added for tissues with higher than normal protease concentrations; a feature not possible with tablet format protease inhibitor cocktails. In our study, a 1X concentration of ProteaseArrest™ inhibits over 95% of protease activities (e.g. Mouse Pancreas Extract: 0.5 milligrams per milliliter of protein). The ProteaseArrest™ protease inhibitor cocktails demonstrate greater inhibition levels compared to similar protease inhibitor cocktails, including tablet formats (see figure). In independent studies, researchers have found that ProteaseArrest™ outperforms several leading manufacturer's protease inhibitor cocktails, including tablet formats, in the purification of plant proteins (1). ProteaseArrest Family The ProteaseArrest™ family of inhibitor cocktails also includes species specific inhibitor cocktails. These cocktails are enhanced with inhibitors specific for the species. Species specific cocktails are available forBacteria,Plant,Yeast, Fungusand Mammalian samples. Our Recom ProteaseArrest™ is designed for recombinant protein purification, particularly 6X His tagged proteins. These proteins are purified by IMAC (Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography), which is severely inhibited by the routinely used metalloproteases inhibitor EDTA. Recom ProteaseArrest™ contains a specific bacterial metalloproteases that does not interfere with 6X His protein purification. Our FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ is designed to protect proteins destined for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis.


Complete inhibition of protease activities during protein preparations Suitable for yeast, plant, bacteria, fungal & animal tissue lysates Protection of proteins from proteolysis during preparation of samples, protein purification, electrophoresis, storage, assays & other applications


Broad spectrum protease inhibitor cocktail 100X concentrated, ready-to-use solution High inhibition levels: 1X concentration inhibits >95% of protease activities

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Description>95% Protease Inhibition in a Liquid Format
Unit Size24 x 100µl
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymProtease inhibitor cocktail, complete protease inhibitor cocktail, inhibitor, inhibitors, protease, proteases, inhibitor protease, inhibitors protease,proteasearrest

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