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FITC (fluorescein isothiocyanate) is a commonly used fluorescent label for proteins, as it contains the groups required for conjugating to amino, sulfhydryl, imidazoyl, tyrosyl or carbonyl groups of proteins. FITC has a molecular weight of 389, and excitation and emission wavelengths of 494nm and 520nm, respectively, therefore emitting green visible light. This kit utilizes SpinOUT™ desalting columns, for the rapid removal of unconjugated dye. The FITC labeling reagent is also available in our single use OneQuant™ format. This kit is an improvement on Cat. # 786-059 as it offers greater free dye removal and complete coupling in less time.


Labeling of a green fluorescent dye to proteins and peptides. Suitable for antibody labeling.


Synonym: Fluorescein-5-Isothiocyanate CAS Number: 3326-32-7 Linear Formula: C21H11NO5S Molecular Weight: 389.4 Dye preweighed and supplied in single use OneQuant™ vials (Also available separately). Suitable for most proteins. Utilizes SpinOUT™ desalting columns, for the rapid removal of unconjugated dye

Catalog#: 786-080
LID#: 4030B
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Warehouse Storage Temp-20C
DescriptionFor the labeling of proteins with FITC.
Unit Size8 x 1mg
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymHOOK Dye Labeling Kit, FITC, antibody labeling, 786-059

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: -20C

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