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A selection of genomic isolation kits are offered that purify high quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of sources and for a wide array of applications. Our OmniPrep™ genomic DNA kits are for ultra pure genomic DNA that is suitable for all downstream applications. These kits are fully scalable for large genomic DNA isolations. The procedure is slightly more involved to ensure ultra pure DNA. Based on our popular OmniPrep™ system, the OmniPrep™ for Tissue kit has been modified to specifically isolate high quality genomic DNA from tissue samples, including fresh, frozen, fixed or paraffin-embedded tissue. The kit isolates DNA from bodily fluids, including plasma, serum, amniotic fluid, semen and CSF. OmniPrep™ for Tissue also isolates high quality DNA from cultured cells, non-mammalian nucleated blood and gram-negative bacteria. The kit isolates high purity (A260/A280 ratios of 1.8 to 2) DNA (about 100kbp) and the yield is 0.5 to 10µg/mg tissue, 25 to 50µg/ml gram negative bacteria culture and 0.1 to 40µg/ml body fluid, dependent on starting material and quantity. If used according to protocol, the kit purifies DNA from a total of 2gm solid tissue, 1 x 109 cultured cells and 1 x 1010 gram-negative bacteria. The kit uses a rapid precipitation technique that uses unique precipitation reagents to isolate genomic DNA free from proteins and RNA. Pure genomic DNA is isolated in 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the tissue type used. OmniPrep™ for Tissue isolates genomic DNA from: Mammalian tissue (fresh or frozen) Cultured cells Ethanol or formalin fixed tissue Paraffin embedded tissue Bodily fluids, including plasma, serum, amniotic fluid, semen and CSF Nucleated blood cells from bird, fish and frog Gram negative bacteria


Extraction of pure genomic DNA from mammalian tissues Suitable for fresh, fixed, frozen or paraffin embedded tissue


High Yield: ~100kb genomic DNA Simple two tube method: 20-40 minutes No toxic chemicals, no phenol, no hazardous waste

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LID#: 4396D
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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionIsolate high quality genomic DNA from tissue
Unit SizeFor 2g Tissue
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes

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Shelf Life: 12 MONTHS

Storage Temperature: 4C

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