Molecular Grinding Resin™

Molecular Grinding Resin™

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A Grinding Resin For Proteomics & Molecular Biology Applications Molecular Grinding Resin™ has been specifically developed for effectively grinding small biological samples for the preparation and extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins. The resin consists of high tensile micro-particles, which effectively disrupt nuclei and other cell organelles. Molecular Grinding Resin™ does not bind proteins or nucleic acids, minimizing loss. Unlike sand or other grinding materials, Molecular Grinding Resin™ is easy to work with and does not damage genomic DNA or high molecular mass proteins. Simply mix the biological sample with Molecular Grinding Resin™ and grind or homogenize the sample. Molecular Grinding Resin™ is routinely used for isolation of 100kb genomic DNA and RNA. It can be used with any homogenization technique, including high speed mechanical grinders, such as Polytron, and high-energy sonicators. For added convenience, Molecular Grinding Resin™ is also available with RNase-free disposable matching pestles and 1.5mL microfuge tubes (Cat. No. 786-138PR). Supplied with enough resin for 200 isolations from 100mg tissue.


Grinding resin & tools for small samples, such as cells & tissues, for proteomics & molecular biology applications Preparation & extraction of DNA, RNA & proteins (isolation of 100kb genomic DNA & RNA) Use with any homogenization technique, including high-speed mechanical grinders & high-energy sonicators


High tensile micro-particles for simple grinding & no damage to samples Minimizes loss: no binding of proteins or nucleic acids Disposable RNase-free matching pestles & 1.5mL microfuge tubes (Cat. No. 786-138PR)

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DescriptionA Grinding Resin For Proteomics & Molecular Biology Applications
Unit Size5 X 1ml
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
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SynonymMolecular Grinding Resin, grinding resin, pestle, homogenization

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