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A reliable method for the proteolytic digestion and subsequent extration of silver stained proteins in gel for subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry. The protein spots are first excised from the gel and transferred to a proteomic grade tube. Silver stained gel pieces are washed with SilverOUT™ to remove inhibitory silver ions and then the gel pieces are treated with our proprietary Trypsin-Digestion Buffer Mix, a mixture of our mass spectrometry grade trypsin and an optimal digestion buffer, which ensures reliable and efficient protein digestion. The resulting digested peptides are extracted with Pep-Extract™, a high diffusion peptide extraction buffer. The extracted peptides are suitable for mass spectrometry analysis without any subsequent treatments or cleaning procedures. The InGel™ kit is supplied with all the necessary reagents for 100 protein spots and includes: SilverOUT™ destaining reagent. A mass spectrometry grade trypsin with minimal autolysis and increases stability. Trypsin Digestion Buffer for optimal trypsin activity. Pep-Extract™ Buffer, for high level peptide extraction. These components are also available individually for added convenience.


Suitable for digestion of protein spots within gel for mass spectrometry application.


Supplied with a mass spectrometry grade (MSG) trypsin. Suitable or digestion and extraction of 100 protein spots. Quality tested for mass spectrometry applications. Suitable for 2D gels stained with silver stain, Coomassie dye, and other methods.

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LID#: 4248P
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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionFor in gel digestion of silver stained protein spots for mass spectrometry analysis. Fully mass spectrometry compatible.
Unit SizeFor 100 Spots
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymInGel, Ingel silver, peptide digestion, mass spectrometry, protein spot, in gel digestion, trypsin, silverout

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Storage Temperature: 4C

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