HyperCarrier™ (Immunological Grade)

HyperCarrier™ (Immunological Grade)

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HyperCarrier™ is normal BSA that has been treated with ethylene diamine, which substitutes anionic carboxyl groups with cationic aminoethyl-amide groups. Researchers were able to demonstrate that a cationized form of BSA, produced by replacing anionic side chain carboxylic groups with aminoethylamide groups, was more immunogenic than normal BSA (1). They have shown that the amount of cationized BSA (cBSA) required for stimulation of T-cell proliferation in-vitro was 500 times less than normal BSA (nBSA), whereas in-vivo cBSA produced responses which were at least twice nBSA and lasted for longer periods of time. In addition, antibodies were produced in response to cBSA, in the absence of adjuvants, which was not the case for nBSA. Further research demonstrated that cBSA exhibited unique immunogenic properties as a result of alterations in the self-regulation of the immune response (2). Pretreatment with cBSA, either orally (3) or intravenously, prior to immunization with cBSA greatly enhanced the anti-BSA response; nBSA pretreatment suppressed this immune response. This cationized form stimulates a higher immunogenic response, compared to normal BSA, and allows for a greater concentration of coupled peptides. OneQuant™ HyperCarrier™ The HyperCarrier™ carrier protein is also available as our single use OneQuant™ vials to save time and money. Supplied as 8 x 2mg vials.


Carrier protein for peptides for the production of antibodies.


Strong positive charge for increased binding to immune system cells Stronger immune response compared to BSA 59 lysine residues of which 30-35 are capable of conjugating, plus additional amines due to cationization process Single polypeptide protein (67kDa) Convenient 10mg vials

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Warehouse Storage Temp-20C
DescriptionA cationized BSA
Unit Size10mg
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymHyperCarrier, BSA, carrier protein, cationized BSA,

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