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HOOK™ GST Protein Purification Kit (Bacteria)

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HOOK™ GST Protein Purification kit allows for the purification of soluble, GST tagged protein from bacterial cultures. The bacteria are first lysed with Bacterial PE LB™ and PE LB™-Lysozyme to release total soluble protein, whilst maintaining the structure and activity of the protein. The GST tagged protein is purified by passing clarified lysate through prepacked columns. Bacterial- PELB™ kit has been developed for the extraction of soluble proteins from bacterial cells. It is a proprietary improvement on the lysozyme based lysis, which allows extraction of soluble proteins and concurrent removal of nucleic acids (DNA & RNA) released during cell lysis. The Bacterial-PE LB™ lysis eliminates viscosity build-up, allowing effective clarification with lower centrifugal force. HOOK™ GST Protein Purification kit is optimized to yield up to 10mg/250ml culture of soluble GST tagged protein, with a purity of 80-90%, dependent on expression levels, resin type, conformation and solubility characteristics of the protein. For small scale, rapid GST protein isolation from bacteria we recommend our spin format kits.


For the isolation of GST tagged recombinant proteins from bacteria


Isolate >10mg GST tagged proteins from ~250ml bacteria No sonication required, supplied with lysis buffer and enzyme

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Warehouse Storage Temp4C
DescriptionFor the purification of GST-tagged proteins from bacteria using gravity flow
Unit Size5
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymGST tag, recombinant protein, glutathione resin

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