HOOK™ Agarose Coupling Kit (Sulfhyd...

HOOK™ Agarose Coupling Kit (Sulfhydryl reactive)

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Agarose coupling kits allow for the rapid and simple production of affinity columns. The protocol is easy to follow and suitable for most proteins, including antibodies. Kits use 6% agarose that has been activated to generate reactive groups. The resulting bonds between the activated group and the agarose are stable enough to allow the columns to be reused.


Couple peptides for antibody purification. Couple peptides and proteins to purify interacting molecules.


Immobilized DADPA (diaminodipropylamine). 6% Cross-linked Agarose. Long Spacer arm to limit steric hinderence. Couple Carboxyl Groups.

Catalog#: 786-064
LID#: 4016P
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Unit SizeFor 5 Columns/pk
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes

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Estimated Ship Time: 2 Business Days

Shipped In: Ambient

Hazardous Material: No


Storage Temperature: 4C

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