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2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry is routinely used for identification of novel proteins, however the greatest challenge in protein identification is achieving suitable resolution of proteins. The high dynamic range of a species' proteome means that the more abundant proteins mask the less abundant and often more interesting proteins. Fractionation simplifies the protein composition and allows for improved resolution and simplified 2D maps, which in turn allows for improved analysis and interpretation and greatly increases the chances of identifying novel and less abundant proteins. Fraction-FOCUS™ utilizes proven technology to fractionate and concentrate all proteomes into multiple fractions; simplifying 2D maps and enhancing detection of low abundant proteins (see figure 1 & 2). Fraction-FOCUS™ is fully compatible with all downstream protein identification techniques. There is no detectable loss of material total protein during the Fraction-FOCUS™ procedure. At the end of the fractionation, cellular proteins are in one of many fractions. The entire fractionation is carried out in micro scale. The Fraction-FOCUS™ kit is designed for 10 preparations, where one preparation is: 100mg mammalian tissue 50µl wet animal cell pellet 50µl wet yeast pellet 50µl wet bacteria pellet 250mg plant tissue


Fractionation of soluble proteins for cleaner 2D gels maps. Suitable for electrophoresis and other applications.


Serial fractionation of protein samples into multiple protein fractions. Resulting fractions are fully compatible with 2D electrophoresis or isoelectric focusing and other applications.

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DescriptionFractionation for cleaner 2D gel maps
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SynonymFraction-FOCUS, FractionFOCUS, total fractionation, protein fractionation

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