DetergentOUT™ GB-S10-125

DetergentOUT™ GB-S10-125

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Detergents are essential for protein solubility during protein extraction and sample preparation, especially when working with hydrophobic proteins. The presence of high concentrations of detergents in protein samples can impair ELISA, IEF, protease digestion of proteins, and suppress peptide ionization when analyzed by mass spectrometry. DetergentOUT™ GBS10 features a research grade detergent binding resin that has a high affinity for most detergents and a low affinity for proteins and peptides. DetergentOUT™ GBS10 is ideal for detergent removal prior to ELISA, IEF, protease digestion of proteins, and peptide ionization when analyzed by mass spectrometry. DetergentOUT™ GBS10 is available in four spin format column sizes or as resin alone. The column specifications are: Cat. # Description Sample Size (µl) Resin Volume (µl) 786-154 DetergentOUT™ GBS-10-125 10-30 125 786-155 DetergentOUT™ GBS-10-800 30-200 800 786-156 DetergentOUT™ GBS-10-3000 200-750 3,000 786-157 DetergentOUT™ GBS-10-5000 500-1,250 5,000 Our DetergentOUT™ GBS10 resin removes free, unbound anionic, nonionic or zwitterionic detergents (e.g. SDS, Triton ® X-100 or CHAPS) from aqueous protein and peptide samples with minimal sample loss (Table below) for downstream analysis by mass spectrometry (Figure 1 & 2) and other techniques. The DetergentOUT™ GBS10 columns were shown in independent studies to be fully compatible with DI-QTOF and LC-MS/MS (see references). The use of the DetergentOUT™ GBS10 columns significantly increased the number of peptide spectra detected (Figure 1 & 2). In addition, the DetergentOUT™ GBS10 columns have a high binding capacity for detergents, with 6 milligrams SDS (Figure 3) and 14 milligrams Triton ® X-100 for every milliliter of settled resin. Detergent % Removed BSA Phosphorylase B Cytochrome C E.coli Lysate Triton X-100, 2% >99 >90 >91 >92 >93 Triton X-114, 2% >96 >99 >98 >97 >91 Nonidet P-40, 1% >96 >93 >95 >91 >91 Brij 35, 1% >99 >98 >99 >97 >91 SDS, 2.5% >99 >96 >97 >92 >90 Sodium deoxycholare, 5% >99 >99 >99 >98 >95 CHAPS, 3% >99 >92 >95 >92 >91 Octyl glucoside, 5% >99 >93 >95 >96 >91 Lauryl maltoside, 1% >97 >99 >99 >99 >91 Tween 20*, 0.25% >98 >86 >85 >89 >85 Tween 80*, 0.13% >85 >83 >81 >80 >81 Detergent removal rates and percentage protein recovery with DetergentOUT™ GBS10 For removal of polysorbate detergents (commercially known as Tween ®), we recommend using our DetergentOUT™ Tween ® columns. For removal of detergents from protein solutions, including hydrophobic protein solutions, try our highly flexible and compatible OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ columns. Click here to request bulk or custom sizes.


Detergent removal from protein and peptide solutions Detection of peptide fragments by Mass spectrometry Enhances Mass spectrometry Spectra Ideal for Mass spectrometry sample preparation and prior to downstream analysis and applications


Easy-to-use, spin-format columns Rapid removal of free detergents Suitable for anionic, non-ionic and zwitterionic detergents Minimal sample loss Available for sample volumes ranging from 10µl to 1,250µl

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DescriptionRapid detergent removal from protein and peptide solutions using spin columns or resin; for anionic, non-ionic and zwitterionic detergents
Unit Size10 columns
Safety StatementsFor Research Use Only
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymDetergentOUT GBS10, mass spectrometry, chromatography, spectrometry, detergent removal, sds removal, sample preparation, protein purification, spin column, protein extraction, purification, protein preparation

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