Copper Chelating Resin

Copper Chelating Resin

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Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC), developed by Porath et al (1), is based on the interaction of certain protein residues (histidines, cysteines, and to some extent tryptophans) with cations of transition metals. The Copper Chelating Resin is specifically designed for the purification of proteins that associate with copper ions (2-3), including 6x histidine tagged proteins. Immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin utilizingcopper (Cu2+) for the purification of 6x histidine tagged proteins. This resin binds to six histidine residues (6x His), a common tag used in protein purification. The resin consists of iminodiacetate coupled to 6% cross-linked agarose beads. The iminodiacetate binds divalentcopper ion with a capacity of 20-40µmoles Cu2+/ml resin. The protein binding capacity is >50mg protein per ml resin. We have demonstrated binding of >100mg of a 50kDa 6XHis tagged proteins to a ml of resin. Immobilized Nickel, Cobalt and Zinc Chelating Resins are also available. Cobalt has the highest selectivity followed by Zinc, Nickel then Copper, but has the lowest loading capacity. Copper has the highest loading capacity, followed by Nickel then Zinc. Specific binding/wash and elution buffers are available. Click here to request bulk or custom sizes.


Affinity purification of copper binding proteins Affinity purification of proteins with a 6x His tag.


For the purification of Copper Binding proteins, including 6x His proteins High capacity: >50mg/ml Ligand density: 20-40µmoles Cu2+ /ml resin Bead Structure: 6% cross-linked agarose

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DescriptionImmobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin utilizing copper for the purification of 6x histidine tagged proteins and copper binding proteins.
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Synonymprotein purification, copper resin, IMAC, immobilized metal affinity chromatography, copper binding protiens, histidine, 6X His

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