Eppendorf Plates® Lid, for MTP and ...

Eppendorf Plates® Lid, for MTP and DWP, PCR clean, 80 pcs. (5 bags × 16 pcs.)


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Eppendorf offers high-performance sealing options for nearly every application: for incubation and storage; colorimetric ELISA, fluorescence and luminescence experiments; sample processing and cell cultures; and for PCR and qPCR amplification.

Adhesive Film or Foil, Sealing Mat, Plate Lid or Heat Sealing Film or Foil \r\n Determine the optimal sealing option for your application, for more information see Application Note 239 in the download area below: Eppendorf Deepwell Plates and Microplates – Investigations of sealing methods.Chemical Resistance\r\n An important criterion is the compatibility of the sealing material with the chemicals used. Eppendorf’s range of sealing systems have been tested for their resistance with a variety of common laboratory substances. For more information see Userguide 43 in the download area below: Investigation of the chemical resistance of sealing systems for PCR Plates, Deepwell Plates and Microplates.


• Storage Film and Foil glued seals for simple and dependable sealing during sample storage
• Heat Sealing Film and Foil for continuous locking with the best evaporation protection
• Foil products are made of aluminum, can be pierced, and protect light-sensitive samples
• Film products are transparent and provide protection against unwanted punctures
• Eppendorf Plate Lid: stable, flexible protection of samples during short-term storage

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Suitability• Sample storage and preparation • Bacteria and yeast cultivation • DNA and RNA isolation with high throughput • Active ingredient screening • Storage of siRNA, oligonucleotide, cDNA or genomic libraries • Protein analysis • Protocols that require high resistance against temperature or solvents • Dilution series • Preparation of tissue and plant lysates
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