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FastCONTROL™ p2LVc-SEAP/?NGFR - Lentiviral Dual Reporter


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FastCONTROL™ Dual Reporters are fast, convenient and flexible Target Cell Transfection control, based on 2A novel technology, ideal for test high co-expression of two Reporter Genes drive for ubiquitous, strong and constitutive Promoters [cytomegalovirus promoter (Pcmv) or elongation factor 1 alpha Promoter (PEF1a)].


15 µL FastCONTROL™ Dual Reporter (1 µg/µL);; 0.2 mL CANFAST™ Transfection Reagent (1 mg/mL);; 15 µL pASSEMBLE™ Viral Packaging Vector (1 µg/ µL)

Catalog#: PC0140 - Plus
LID#: 4821148D
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Unit Size15 µg
Country of OriginSpain
Safety StatementsFor research and development purposes only.
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Storage Temperature: See datasheet.

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