Aluminum Sealing Film, 1 roll of 10...

Aluminum Sealing Film, 1 roll of 100 sheets

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BRAND PCR plates and tubes are manufactured from high-quality virgin plastics for excellent, reproducible results in most PCR applications. This collection of individual tubes, tube strips, cap strips, 96-well plates, and 384-well plates are manufactured without lubricants or chemical additives that can contaminate reagents and samples. BRAND PCR plates are autoclavable and RNase-, DNase-, and DNA-free. BRAND PCR plates have thin, uniform walls to ensure consistent, precise thermal transfer and excellent results. Standard and low profile plates from BRAND are compatible with most major brands of thermal cyclers, included Applied Biosystems®9800 Fast, 7900 HT, and 7500 Fast, BIORAD®CFX 96, and Eppendorf®Mastercycler®systems.Innovative TPE mats for 96-well plates are autoclavable, flexible, and dramatically reduce sample evaporation. Mat material can be easily pierced with a pipette tip.48- and 24-well half and quarter-sized plates and mats now available for easy handling of smaller sample numbers.

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Unit Size1 roll of 100 sheets
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