anti-yeast Tfg2p antibody, rabbit s...

anti-yeast Tfg2p antibody, rabbit serum

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The basal transcription factor TFIIF binds with RNA polymerase II and takes part in the transcription initiation reaction and the elongation reaction. The budding yeast TFIIF is composed of three subunits, Tfg1p (735 aa), Tfg2p (400 aa) and Taf14p (244 aa).     The product is prepared by immunizing rabbit with recombinant protein which was over-expressed in E. coli with a plasmid carrying the entire region of Tfg2p protein (1-400aa) of budding yeast, and purified by chromatography.     Using this antiserum in Western blotting, the band of 54 kD corresponding to Tfg2p was obtained from the extract of yeast cells.



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