anti-Rnq1 (S. cerevisiae) antibody,...

anti-Rnq1 (S. cerevisiae) antibody, affinity purified

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Affinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody to Rnq1. The glutamine- and asparagine-rich protein, Rnq1, is a putative yeast prion. Rnq1 protein with yet unknown function, can exists in either noninfectious soluble monomer form, [pin-], or the insoluble aggregated amyloid-like form called [PIN+]. The insoluble state is dominant and transmitted between cells through the cytoplasm (1). Rnq1 protein is necessary for the de novo induction of another prion, [PSI+] (2). The molecular chaperone Hsp104 is necessary for the aggregate formation of polyglutamine and for the maintenance of prion phenotype. The pre-existing aggregates are required for the chaperon-dependent establishment of the epigenetic trait in yeast prions (3).

Antibody was produced the synthetic peptide CSQQNNNGNQNRY corresponding to the C-terminus region of Rnq1 as the immunogen

Western blotting (x 300 fold dilution).



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