anti-Rhp51(S.pombe)antibody, rabbit...

anti-Rhp51(S.pombe)antibody, rabbit serum

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Rhp51 protein of Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast) is a functional and structural homolog of E. coli RecA protein and the Rad51 proteins of eukaryotes. These proteins play a major role in genetic recombination and recombination repair by mediating strand exchange reaction between homologous DNA strands.    The product was prepared by immunizing rabbit with full-size recombinant Rhp51 protein expressed in E. coli and purified.    Using this anti-serum, the Rhp51 protein (40 kD) in the crude extract was detected by Western blotting and Rhp51 foci formation, induced by stalled replication and DNA-damage, was detected by indirect immunofluorescence. GFP-tagging of Rhp51 protein at either N- or C- terminus inactivates the function of Rhp51, and therefore, cannot be used for the study of foci formation instead of the antibody. This antibody was also successfully used for immunoprecipitation



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