anti-Rad6 (human) antibody

anti-Rad6 (human) antibody

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Resuming DNA synthesis which can be halted by various physical and chemical factors can be triggered by a repair system including Rad6. Rad6 (152a.a 17.3kDa) is the ubiqutin-conjugated enzyme E2A and complex with two Rad18 molecules ubiquitin ligase E3 to ubiquitinate PCNA by utilizing poly-ubiquitin chain that HLTF-UBC13 synthesized in translesion DNA synthesis (TLS) and template switch (TS). Two isoforms of Rad6 Rad6A and Rad6B differs in only 6 amino acids. It also plays an important role in epigenetic transcriptional regulation by catalyzing the monoubiquitination of histone H2B at Lys-120 for a formation of H2B K120 ub1. Applications: WB, IF



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