anti-E.coli LexA antibody, rabbit s...

anti-E.coli LexA antibody, rabbit serum

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E. coli LexA protein binds specifically to the SOS-box sequence and represses the genes belonging to the SOS regulon. In response to DNA damage, RecA protein is activated by ss-DNA accumulated in the damaged cells and promotes autocleavage of LexA repressor by its coprotease activity. As the results, DNA repair genes and error prone polymerases are induced, and DNA damage is repaired and mutation is induced.  The lexA gene is used for yeast two-hybrid experiments as a “bait” to identify the protein-protein interaction in vivo.    This product was prepared by immunizing rabbit with full-size highly-purified recombinant LexA protein. Using this antibody, 23 kD LexA protein was identified in the E.coli whole-cell lysate and the expression of bait constructs was identified in yeast extracts by western blotting.



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Raised InRabbit
ReactivityE. coli
Gene IDP0A7C2
Unit Size250 ul
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