Signal Booster Solution, A&B set

Signal Booster Solution, A&B set

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Signal Booster enhances signals in Western Blots and ELISAs. It contains a polymer known to specifically enhance antigen-antibody interactions by changing the zeta-potential. Another component of Signal Booster reduces background by decreasing antibody non-specific binding. Using Signal Booster as a dilution buffer for primary and secondary antibodies, enhances the antibody-specific signal while reducing background. Signal Booster Solution A is formulated for use with primary antibodies and Signal Booster Solution B is specifically for use with secondary antibodies.

Advantages of Signal Booster

  1. Up to 10-fold increase in sensitivity
  2. Conserve antibodies and decrease reaction time
  3. Use with any antibody
  4. Easy to use: simply dilute antibody with Signal Booster Immunostain

Catalog#: BCL-125
LID#: 3920B
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Unit Size250 ml each (25 assays)
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only.
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