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For collection, storage, stabilization & transportation of total DNA from saliva. The novel SalivaGene Collector introduces a breakthrough simplification of saliva collection designed to provide highest DNA yields in high quality. The patented lyophilized stabilization buffer stabilizes genomic DNA for 12 months at room temperature. Each piece contains pre-filled sample collection tubes and funnel in a plastic blister pack.

Flexible DNA Purification:
• Spin Column Purification with the PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit
• Fully Automated Purification on the InviGenius with the InviMag SalivaGene DNA Kit/IG
• Purification by Precipitation

Please inquire for special pricing based on volume and special pricing packages for the Saliva Gene Collector when purchased with PSP SalivaGene DNA Kits or InviMag SalivaGene DNA Kits. Also inquire for "Light" versions of the collector containing either liquid or lyophilized stabilization buffer provided in sealed plastic bags.

Effortless self-collection
• Pre-filled sample collection tubes for easy saliva
collection using lyophilized DNA stabilization buffer
• Fast, painless and non-invasive sample collection
• Reduces puncture-associated infection risks
• Ideal for needle-phobic people and children
• No medical personnel required

Lower costs and sample management
• No cooling chain during transport
• Easy storage without refrigeration
for up to 12 months
• High quality DNA from saliva samples
without degradation

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Unit Size50 pieces
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only.
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