PanaceaGel for 3D Cell Culture

PanaceaGel for 3D Cell Culture

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PanaceaGel is a 100% synthetic peptide hydrogel with a neutral pH. It could be used as a scaffold in three-dimensional cell culture and as a carrier for drugd elivery. It does not contain any animal-derived or biologically active components, thus increasing experimental reproducibility compared to Collagen-based 3D cell cultures. The main component of PanaceaGel is a thirteen amino acid peptide, composed of four types of naturally occurring amino acids, arginine, leucine, aspartic acid and alanine. The peptides self-assemble into a three-dimensional network to form a hydrogel in aqueous solvent. PanaceaGel is in a neutral pH range. Therefore, no pre-treatment is necessary before being used with a cell suspension. SPG-178-104 has a peptide concentration of 0.4 w/v%.

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