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Mouse Primary Precursor Osteoclasts Culture Kit

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In aging societies, osteoporosis and other age-related bone metabolism disorders are a rapidly increasing problem. The amount of bone in an organism is controlled by a balance of osteoblasts (bone-forming cell) and osteoclasts (bone-destroying cell) activities. A method to induce osteoclasts formation from bone marrow cells using M-CSF (macrophage-colony stimulating factor) and RANKL (receptor activator of NF-?B ligand) has been established in recent years. This kit includes cryopreserved primary precursor osteoclasts from mouse bone marrow and Culture Medium containing M-CSF and RANKL.

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Unit Size2 x 10^6 cells Culture medium (25 ml) Wash medium (50 ml)
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only.
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