Hepatitis B virus Surface antigen(H...

Hepatitis B virus Surface antigen(HBsAg) -XT type (Recombinant)

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Beacle has been a leader in devloping original hepatitis B virus-related products for over 10 years.


ll HBsAgs are made from recombinant yeast. These products are non-infective, and can be used safely as antigens or HBV mimetic for research and diangostic purposes.

  1. HBsAg L-protein (Cat # BCL-AG-01) contains all Pre-S1, Pre-S2 and S regions.
  2. ST-type L-protein (Cat # BCL-AGS-01, BCL-AGS-02) also contains all Pre-S1, Pre-S2 and S regions, but the antigenecity of S region is reduced by exhcnaging some amino acid in this region.
  3. HBsAg-XT (Cat # BCL-AGX-01, BCL-AGX-02) is composed of full S region and a part of Pre-S2 region. This antigen shown highly strong S-antigen activity by ELISA assay and ideal as standard antigen.

Catalog#: BCL-AGX-02
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Unit Size100 ug
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only.
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