Cystatin C Immunoassay

Cystatin C Immunoassay

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Validated for Human Urine, Serum, EDTA and Heparin Plasma and Tissue Culture Media.
Double monoclonal format measures 40 samples in duplicate in 90 minutes.

Cystatin C is a non-glycosylated protein of low molecular weight (13kDa) in the cystatin superfamily. Cystatin C is produced at a constant rate in all nucleated cells. Cystatin C belongs to the cysteine proteinase inhibitor group and is associated with several pathological conditions. Imbalance between Cystatin C and cysteine proteinases is associated with diseases such as inflammation, renal failure, cancer, Alzheimer disease, multiple sclerosis and hereditary Cystatin C amyloid angiopathy. Cystatin C is removed from blood plasma by glomerular filtration in the kidneys. It is reabsorbed by the proximal tubular cells and degraded. There is a linear relationship between the reciprocal Cystatin C concentration in plasma and the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Cystatin C is suggested to be a better marker for GFR than other markers as its serum concentration is not affected by other factors such as age, gender and body mass. There is association of Cystatin C levels with the incidence of myocardial infarction and coronary death, presenting a risk factor for secondary cardiovascular events.

This Cystatin C Immunoassay Kit is designed to measure Cystatin C levels. This kit uses a native human Cystatin C molecule as a standard. Standards or diluted samples are pipetted into a microtiter plate coated with a monoclonal to Cystatin C. After a 30-minute incubation at RT, the plate is washed and monoclonal antibody-HRP conjugate is added. After a 30-minute incubation at RT, the plate is washed and TMB substrate solution added to each well. After 30 minutes, the intensity of the generated signal is read at 450 nm in a
microtiter plate reader.

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