Anti-Rad51 (human) antibody (rabbit...

Anti-Rad51 (human) antibody (rabbit polyclonal, affinity-purified)

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Human Rad51 protein is a functional and structural homolog of E. coli RecA protein, which plays a major role in genetic recombination and recombination repair by mediating strand exchange reaction between homologous DNA strands. Rad51 functionally and physically interacts with its paralogs Dmc1, Rad51B, Rad51D, Xrcc2 and Xrcc3, and also with Rad52 in recombination processes. It also interacts with oncogene products and tumor suppressors such as BRACA1, BRACA2, and p53 for the maintenance of genome stability.


WB, IP, IF, Dot blot, ELISA

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Raised InRabbit
Reactivityhuman, rodent, chicken
Unit Size100 ug
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only.
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