Adiponectin ELISA Kit, Human

Adiponectin ELISA Kit, Human

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B-Bridge Human and Mouse/Rat Adiponectin ELISA Kits (Cat. # K1001-1 and K1002-1) enable sensitive and convenient detection of adiponectin from serum samples, cell extracts, or conditioned medium. As the first commercial non-RIA Adiponectin Assays, these kits have proven their effectiveness at providing quality results in experiment after experiment. We have the references to prove it!

Starting at concentrations as low as 0.02 ng/ml, B-Bridge's Adiponectin ELISA Kits provide you with a reproducible and accurate linear response over a broad concentration range. As shown, each dilution results in a linear and well-correlated decrease in absorbance. Our high-affinity, highly specific primary antibody and robust biotin/streptavidin-HRP detection procedure provide assay sensitivity and range that is very comparable to that obtained with typical radioimmunoassay assays (RIA). The primary antibody used in B-Bridge's Adiponectin ELISA Kits is a highly selective, high-affinity antibody that specifically targets either human adiponectin, or mouse and rat adiponectin (depending on which Kit you are using). As the data below show, our systems are very selective for the target adiponectin proteins - even when challenged with adiponectin from highly similar mammalian species. B-Bridge's proven Adiponectin ELISA Kits provide a straightforward convenient assay to determine adiponectin concentrations. Each kit contains coated plates, antibodies and detection reagents, and an easy-to-follow, detailed user manual.

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