3-D Life PVA-PEG Hydrogel Kit

3-D Life PVA-PEG Hydrogel Kit

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The 3D Life Hydrogel system gives you the control over your 3D cell culture environment. The two-component system consists of a non-degradable maleimide-functionalized polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) polymer and thiol-functionalized crosslinker. When mixed, the crosslinker thiol groups form stable thioether bonds with the maleimide groups and forms a gel housing the embedded cells. Vary the concentration of crosslinker molecules and pH to fine-tune your hydrogel stiffness and polymerization rate.

Begin customizing your gel by selecting one of two thiol-functionalized crosslinkers: a non-degradable polyethylene glycol (PEG-link) crosslinker or cell-degradable polyethylene glycol peptide conjugate (CD-link; see catalog number G81-1). Prior to crosslinking, the gel environment can be further customized with the addition of peptides or extracellular matrix proteins.

PVA-based hyrogels can be used in conjunction with the Dextran-based hydrogels for co-culture applications. Easily culture one cell type in the PVA-based gel and another cell type in the Dextran-based gel; after culturing, simply degrade the Dextran-based gel to recover and separate the co-cultured cells for further analysis.

This kit contains the reagents necessary to form over 30 hydrogels:

Malemide-PVA: 170 ul
PEG-Link: 200 ul
10X CB ph 5.5: 200 ul
10X CB ph 7.2: 200 ul
Thioglycerol: 60 ul
Water: 500 ul

Available only in Mexico. Customers in the US or Canada, please see catalog numbers G90-1 or G91-1.

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