3-D Life Dextran - PEG Hydrogel

3-D Life Dextran - PEG Hydrogel

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The 3D Life Hydrogel system gives you the control over your 3D cell culture environment. The two-component system consists of a user-degradable maleimide-functionalized dextran polymer and thiol-functionalized crosslinker. When mixed, the crosslinker thiol groups form stable thioether bonds with the maleimide groups and forms a gel housing the embedded cells. Vary the concentration of crosslinker molecules and pH to fine-tune your hydrogel stiffness and polymerization rate.

Begin customizing your gel by selecting one of two thiol-functionalized crosslinkers: a non-degradable polyethylene glycol (PEG-link) crosslinker or cell-degradable polyethylene glycol peptide conjugate (CD-link; see catalog number G91-1). Prior to crosslinking, the gel environment can be further customized with the addition of peptides or extracellular matrix proteins.

After just days of culture, easily degrade the hydrogel and isolate your cells with 3D Life dextranase or simply fix and label cells within the hydrogel.

This kit contains the reagents necessary to form over 30 hydrogels:

Malemide-dextran: 170 ul
PEG-Link: 200 ul
Dextranase: 500 ul
10X CB ph 5.5: 200 ul
10X CB ph 7.2: 200 ul
Thioglycerol: 60 ul
Water: 500 ul

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