MRGF Antibody

MRGF Antibody

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G protein-coupled receptor RTA is an Orphan-U GPCR with an unknown ligand. G protein-coupled receptor RTA has been reported in rat gut, vas deferens, uterus, and aorta, but not in liver, kidney, lung, or salivary gland. Human ESTs have been isolated from brain, breast, colon, connective tissue, heart, liver/spleen, lung, placenta, prostate, spleen, testis, and uterus libraries.

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Host SpeciesRabbit
ControlsAntigen standard for MRGPRF (NM_145015) (transient overexpression lysate)
Entrez Human ID116535
Preservation0.01% Sodium Azide
Species ReactivityHuman.
Gene SymbolMRGPRF
ApplicationsIHC, IHC-P
Species AbbreviationHu
Grade/PurityPeptide affinity purified
ImmunogenSynthetic peptide [KLH conjugated] made to the C-term
SpecificityG Protein-Coupled Receptor RTA
EpitopeC-terminal domain of human
Storage BufferPhosphate buffered saline, PH 7.7
DilutionImmunohistochemistry-Paraffin 4 ug/ml to 19 ug/ml, Immunohistochemistry
Gene ID257236
Unit Size0.05ml
Concentration1.0 mg/ml
Safety StatementsThis product is for research use only and is not approved for use in humans or in clinical diagnosis.
Sample AvailabilityYes
SynonymFLJ16111, FLJ53714, FLJ40998, FLJ29034, G protein-coupled receptor MrgF, G protein-coupled receptor 168, G protein-coupled receptor 140, G-protein coupled receptor 140, GPR140, GPR168, G-protein coupled receptor 168, mas-related G protein-coupled MRGF, Mas-related gene F protein, MAS-related GPR, member F, mas-related G-protein coupled receptor member F, MGC21621, mrgF, MRGFDKFZp586B2122, RTA, seven transmembrane helix receptor

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Storage Temperature: Store at 4C short term. Aliquot and store at -20C long term. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

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